The ambiance is perfect - if they were shooting for “tasteful but lived-in plant-obsessed naturalist’s study,” they nailed it. The range of plants is quite charming, as are the pots, and everything is so mind-blowingly reasonably priced that I felt like I’d somehow cheated by walking out with a pot and a plant for under $15.
— local review

What started as a farmers market booth in spring 2015 has now become a staple boutique on Roosevelt Row- and Downtown Phoenix's only Plant Shop.


our story

In early 2015 The Bosque was founded by young Arizona native Michael Lanier. The Bosque was formed in the backyard of his small bungalow- 10 blocks from where we we're currently located. 

After a few years of botanical and ecological study Michael left his cafe job to sell indoor plants at the Phoenix Public Market, making an honest living doing what he loved: working with neighbors and locals collecting and selling plants and a few local vintage goods.    

As summer approached The Bosque was able to find a home inside The Monorchid, a creative hub on Roosevelt and 3rd St. We opened to an enthusiastic First Friday crowd and were able to grow on a word-of-mouth basis- for being unique in our honesty, integrity and selection of local and living goods.

We've grown to include a large selection of indoor and patio plants of all sizes while also offering a collection of clay, local and modern pottery and local goods. 

We study and experiment on everything we offer in our shop, from historical books to maps and cameras. 

All our live goods come with practical advice based on our own personal experience. We want everything we offer to thrive so you can enjoy all the mental and physical health benefits and personal perks our plants provide. 



notable mentions

"Best Desert Plant Boutique" - Phoenix New Times, 2015

"Top 10 Best Places in Phoenix" USA 10Best, 2015

"Best Plant and Garden Store" - Phoenix Best, 2015

"Top 100 Phoenix Creatives" - Phoenix New Times 2016

One of the best places to shop for Christmas - Phoenix New Times & Sustainable Living, 2015

Featured on the Fox 10 Weekend Morning Show, and Corys Corner on Fox 10

Featured in Canada's national paper, The Daily Globe and Mail, 2016