Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information


While we'd prefer to not ship our plants with the heat we experience in downtown Phoenix.

While it can be arranged, we'd have to go to the post office and ship it overnight, costing you money and us time. 


If you are out of Phoenix and would like to buy multiple, or for a store, we would be willing to drive because we love road trips.


We can arrange pickup near central Phoenix/downtown or through a local retailer. I will also deliver within 5 miles for free, but farther than that will require compensation.

2nd Day — $10/20
Overnight – $34 flat rate



 Returns & Exchanges

Each plant is different and is kept for two weeks to be sure it will survive. We do this because sometimes we mess up. Shipping can be difficult with a ball of moss, and especially because we focus on very long and abstract aesthetic. Shipping cannot be guaranteed, but would be done with the most preventative measures.





The Bosque

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