Tips on growing indoor plants

There are always people coming into the store asking about how we keep up with hundreds of plants a week. 

 I could chalk this up to our great atmosphere, the constant stream of cafe music and bodies admiring them, or maybe even the crystals we have sending them good vibes -  but I am a straight shooter and will tell you my personal tips:

Plants tell you what they need, listen and watch. 

I know, I just said I wasn't into any new-wave stuff, but plants have a language that can be learned from a few simple signs 

  • Dry soil is only good on a few indoor plants - money trees, cacti and succulents for example
  • Keep plants slightly moist always, allowing them to dry up just a little on the top of the soil- though they'd rather be dry than completely wet and sitting in water.

They do not want to be babied, but help it out a bit to keep a close eye from afar....

  • If your plant is stretching it probably needs a little more light - Light is really understated when it comes to cute pinterest posts- They need light. Some don't need much, but they all need some
  • Watch the leaves:
    •  Wilting, yellowing or falling leaves leaves tend to be too little water or minerals and salt accumulating.

Also! Plants move at their own pace- think slow-motion slowed down 15x

Reacting in human speed seems to be the common downfall.

They want to slowly adjust to new light, whether its more or less sun. 

They want to adjust to more or less water slowly, less in winter, more in summer. 

They want to not be moved constantly

Lastly: Feed your plants 1-2x a month. They need it. Imagine living in this world without caffeine (or pressed juice if you're one of those people.)

You could do it for so long, but you'd be sluggish and grumpy and pissy at your coworker Terry for always smiling on Mondays.