Progress report

The Bosque has officially been in its current space over a year! We've had tremendous growth and have been able to meet so many incredible people love the past few months that I am Flabbergasted and constantly humbled- and a little on our new shop!

A few quick announcements as fall creeps in and we cool down and gear up for busy season!

We've got more inventory than ever in the shop and out variety plants are ever-changing and being finely honed!

  • Our Tillandsia collection is being honed down after months of experimenting through all our seasons- finding varieties that do well inside and with our dry air and extreme sun!

  • Our hanging plants are being stocked more frequently, as are our floor plants.

  • More exciting varieties will come as our busy season starts growing through winter, spring and summer.

  • Our cacti and succulent collection is growing now that our shop is filling up with natural sunlight- we've found varieties that do well here and inside, since not many people seem to have luck with them in the long term. We've figured them out!


  • The sidewalk outside is finally open and construction is nearly completed across the street! 

  • We have free parking behind the park! Feel free to park in the Monorchid lot on 2nd St, and theres always metered parking on the south side of roosevelt!

  • The Dressing Room is opening soon! Most likely before December, so aside from having the best cold brew and sandwiches next door, we'll also have cocktails and  lunch and dinner!



Our second shop (see other post!) will be open before December if everything goes according to plan! Our final walkthrough of the interior is a few days away and the exterior of our space will be completed in another week or two, followed by exterior painting and  final exterior touches. I'm trying to keep up, too!