Caring for your garden.

We did our best to make it as easy as possible for you.

Our soil is a very rich mixture of peat moss, sphagnum moss, porous volcanic rock, pumice, charcoal, top soil, sand, Guano and very rich combination of marine compost. 

Does it need to be potted?

Technically, no. Our gardens are a variation of the traditional bonsai garden. The soil is packed tight and the roots wrapped in a thicker moss to slow their growth. They are limited in growth, 

Hanging your garden:

You'll want to hang your garden indoors. Usually near a bright window, but not in somewhere where it'll get too hot. Each plant will be different and some research should be done to learn its habits and care.


Misting is highly recommended. Plants absorb water through their roots and release it through their leaves. The smaller or waxier the leaves, the better suited to drier conditions. 

You can water by misting your plant 2x daily with filtered water and soaking 2x a week


Soak the garden every other day in a shallow bowl of filtered water for 20 minutes. The moss will absorb the water into the soil, and shouldnt soak too deep for too long.